You don't watch a scene in VR   

you experience it

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The Waggle VR Experience

Virtual reality enables full immersion by transporting a viewer into a scene and creating a sense of presence. Waggle VR evokes an emotional response and forms memories of physically being there by incorporating the highest fidelity video, ambisonic audio and perfectly paired music.

VR teleports you to anywhere
in the world and beyond

A great VR production starts with your idea.

Then you will also need professional VR cameras, a knowledgeable crew, the right location, a great script, a storyboard, possibly a drone, production, post-production and finally processing.

All great video productions require experience and expertise. Filming in VR adds a few more layers of complexity. There are also additional considerations like 360 or 180, 2D or 3D,  where is the natural front, and so on. Waggle VR is here to smooth out the process and deliver your professional high quality VR feature on time and on budget.

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